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All living beings in the universe, despite their dissociating differences and contrasts, are connected to each other by strong bonds. Every single part of the Nature, which may be the most basic outlet for this synergy, is a proof of the desired simplicity and its total system. Human has been transformed by the way he has chosen to create “the complex” in this designed perfect order. No doubt he will be able to make peace with himself when he will realise the importance of the balance that shall be reached in all the equipment he has. Mixed with this spirit and consciousness, dominated by the serenity of natural fabrics and calm tones, NU SS22 collection also contains the enthusiasm brought by strong colors, referring to all the contrasts that determine the lines of our lives.

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Collections refer to a new kind of casual clothing, which could serve the same status of formal clothing. Designs are predominantly in black,moderate and arrogant at the same time, which in reality is much more harder to express the complex and considered proportions on non-color.

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